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Version 9.0: Haiku Learning gets a new look! (21 June 2014)


Haiku Learning Version 9.0 was released on 21 June 2014. 


  • Haiku Learning has a new look and feel! We launched a major refresh of our site tonight. 


  • A list of Navigation changes can be found here.
  • Domain Control tabs 
  • We have renamed the Report Card block on the Portal "Grade Summary" so as not to be confused with official transcripts. 
  • We have replaced the loading spinner image with a new javascript spinner. 
  • Users emailing will now receive a helpful bounceback message.
  • When exporting attendance for linked roster sections, the imported class id should now appear in the import id column if the master class is not imported.
  • We have released full support for IE11 outside of compatibility mode. 
  • CK Editor on the iPad should now default to the "less" option.


  • We released a fix to prevent users from being deactivated when receiving incomplete data from automated Senior Systems Imports. 
  • The Categories option no longer appears in Progress Reports when there are no categories in the gradebook.
  • Students who have been removed from classes no longer show up in the list of poll respondents.
  • Progress Reports no longer include deleted score notations in the Grade Scale. 
  • Various other minor fixes and changes. 




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