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Version 8.8.0: SBG Progress Reports! (18 April 2014)


Version 8.8.0 of Haiku Learning was released on 18 April 2014.


  • We now offer progress reports for our Standards-based Gradebook!
  • We have added the capability for students to attach files and images via the upload option in the text editor for essay questions in assessments. 


  • We have replaced the Themes color picker to ensure compatibility with new versions of Chrome.

  • Grading period subtotals are now deleted when a class schedule changes to a new schedule.


  • We corrected an issue where a Domain Admins couldn’t access classes via a teacher’s profile page.
  • Progress Reports Schedule options no longer display grading period options that do not belong to the class’ current schedule.
  • Domain Control Grade Reports no longer display grade subtotals for grading periods that do not belong to the class current class schedule.
  • We have fixed an issue that was specifically affecting commas in import IDs for the roster.csv file.
  • LTI Activities no longer spawn duplicate activities when copied to another class.
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