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Haiku Learning for iPad: Version 1.7 Release Notes (9 March 2014)


Version 1.7 of Haiku Learning for iPad was released on 9 March 2014.

Note: This version is for iOS 7 only. 


  • Various Design Optimizations for iOS7.


  • When a new To-Do list is created, it is now selected.
  • When you hand in a note and don't attach a file, you am prompted to do so. 
  • To-Dos now default to the Class of the Activity to which the To-Do belongs. 
  • A count of new (unread) Inbox messages now appears as a badge on the Inbox sidebar icon. 
  • When you create a To-Do, the fields now autocomplete and jump to the next field.
  • When a To-Do is marked as complete, it no longer shows up in the Calendar view. 
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