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Version 8.7.1: Navbar Permission Enhancements, More Additions to Organize Pages! (28 February 2014)


Version 8.7.1 was released on 28 February 2014. 


  • There is a new Navbar Setting that allows a domain to limit student access to search for only their teachers under "People" in the Navbar. 
  • We now have Navbar hotkeys!
  • You can now add, rename, and delete pages from the Page Reorganization view!



  • Parents are now only ever allowed to search for teachers in classes in which they are enrolled, and their own children for classes in which they are enrolled. 
  • SBG Overall Grades at the "green level" will always be calculated using unrounded mastery scores. 
  • We now support 3GP and 3GP2 video files. 



  • We have fixed keyboard shortcuts for accents and special characters in Fill in the Blank questions.
  • Deleted school years no longer show up under the Grade Reports in the Domain Control.
  • We have improved the look of the Statistics Print view. 
  • When a page is published for a specific section, the appropriate students in that section see the page appear in Recent Activity on their Portal. 
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