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Version 8.7: Pages per Roster Section, New look for Organize Pages! (7 February 2014)


Version 8.7 was released on 7 February 2014. 


  • Teachers can now assign pages for a given roster section!
  • Check out the new Page Reorganization tool! Dragging and Dropping pages has never been easier. 


  • In ePortfolios and WikiProjects, you can now publish pages from the page navigation tree by clicking on the publish icon.

  • When you copy a gradable item into a class with a class schedule, the item will now automatically be associated with the correct grading period based on date.

  • We have made a change to how we flag IE 11, that will solve several styling issues in the gradebook.

  • We have made the gradebook categories selector smarter when a teacher goes to create a gradable item.

  • We have added a term label for “All Standards and Dates” category in the Standards-Based Grade Export.

  • When creating or editing an item, the Standards selection menu now automatically appears when you use your keyboard to tab into the Standards field.


  • Teachers should no longer be taken to their My Classes listing page when they have active classes. (Instead, they are taken to the Portal.)

  • We updated the organization field mapping in the Classes.CSV Export file that Haiku generates to better reflect the data in the original import file.

  • Standards-Based Grade export no longer shows 0% for users with blank scores.

  • Scores now display in the Recency view in the Standards-Based Gradebook.

  • We fixed a misaligned column header in the Select Standards window in the Standards-Based Gradebook.

  • Various other minor changes and fixes.
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