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Version 8.6: Overall Standards-Based Grade Export (24 January 2014)


Version 8.6 was released on 24 January 2014. 


  • Domain Administrators can now export Overall Grades for students from multiple Standards-Based Gradebooks using the Grade Report tool (found under the Reports tab in Domain Control).


  • We have improved the auto-selection of Grading Periods based on due date when creating and editing all activity types.
  • We have added clearer explanations of expected behavior when adding a Schedule to an existing Class.
  • We have added better default naming for Grading Periods and Terms when creating a Class Schedule.
  • We have added clearer warnings when creating an Open Roster Invitation would result in unconfirmed users, with associated grade data, being deleted from a class roster.
  • Teachers can now re-organize Standards via drag and drop within Grading Periods in the Standards-Based Gradebook.
  • We changed how the Traditional Gradebook statistics popover appears. When you hover over a gradebook entry, you will see a statistics icon you can click (instead of having it automatically pop up on hover).


  • Progress Reports now display both category letter and percentage grade for gradebooks configured to show both.
  • Email notifications announcing newly published grades are now sending correctly. 
  • When a teacher selects the “show grade only” option in the Gradebook Settings, students will only see a letter grade (and not also a percent). 
  • When students save Dropbox messages as drafts, teachers no longer see it count as an unread message in the per-student Dropbox view.
  • We have improved how we display Poll responses in charts when there are many choices. 
  • We have improved the display of attachments in CK Editor added via Moodle Import.
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