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Version 8.5.1: Minor Release (20 Dec 2013)


Version 8.5.1 was released on 20 December 2013.



  • We've changed the Haiku in 1-to-1 discussions in which the student has not yet posted. 
  • When a student leaves an assessment open after their session expires, they will now be prompted to log in to continue their work.
  • We have converted our database tables from Latin1 to UTF8. 


  • We have made improvements to session expiration and iframe login behavior.
  • Pagination links while viewing a single student in per-student dropbox point back to student index list.
  • We fixed a bug in standards-based grading where a score of zero was being interpreted as an invalid grade.
  • We fixed an issue with assessments being saved as in a final period.
  • We fixed a caching issue with the student view in the standards-based gradebook .
  • Various minor fixes.


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