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Version 8.4.1: Badging Enhancements, Windows 8.1 (8 November 2013)


Version 8.4.2 was released on 8 November 2013. 


  • You can now choose to receive instant e-mail notifications when you’re awarded new Badges.
  • Teachers can now click “undo” right after awarding a new Badge.
  • Teachers will see which Badges they have already awarded to a student when they go to award a Badge.
  • Domain Administrators can now see other users' Profiles by going to Manage Account menu in the Domain Control.
  • Windows 8.1 search! You can now find Assignments, Discussions, Calendar Events and more by searching for their title or description text.
  • In the Windows 8.1 app, you can also jump directly to your class home page from the app - without needing to leave the app or sign in again.
  • The Windows 8.1 Active Tile will now show your Announcements, making it easier than ever for you to keep up with all your class news.



  • The “User Information” area has been renamed “My Information.”
  • We now warn teachers when they're adding an insecure Embed the Web tool into a class (Read more about how a student experiences insecure embeds).
  • We have added the option for additional special characters to our text editor. 



  • When a user doesn't have access to a Profile, the popover link is no longer clickable.
  • Standards Based Gradebook users no longer see an empty “Related Standards” list for items (e.g. Discussions, Assignments) that don’t yet have any associated Standards.
  • We have fixed a bug that sometimes resulted in WikiProject Comment email notifications going to parents.
  • We have adjusted our assessment question import to better handle Blackboard & Respondus True/False questions.
  • Printing assessments and polls with a Theme in IE9 should now be readable.
  • Repeating iCal events now obey daylight savings time upon export.
  • We have released a fix for an odd case where some students were receiving a 500 error from Google when attempting to turn in Google Docs via the Dropbox.
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