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Version 8.4.0: Badging, Student Profiles & Credly Integration (19 October 2013)


Version 8.4.0 was released on Saturday, October 19th, 2013.


  • Award your students Badges when they achieve a goal or reached a certain achievement! You can award a Badge to anyone from almost any view where you have a list of students. All you have to do is hover over their profile pictures!
  • Credly Integration! Use Credly to showcase, curate and manage all the credit you receive. Invite people to Credly to see your growing set of credentials, or share your achievements out to places it matters most to you, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or your own blog or website.
  • Profiles! Each teacher and student account now has a User Profile where they can display their hard won badges.  


  • Interface links in notification emails now use SSL.


  • Haiku no longer prints an invitation for Removed and Deactivated students.
  • Progress Reports now displays percent and grade in Overall Summary.
  • Font for "other title" now applies on student view.
  • Option to export "Gradebook Scores by Assignment" under Reports now displays Final Exam grading periods.
  • Haiku Learning no longer includes disabled users in possible count of Attempts.
  • When empty the Assess tab no longer displays to students or parents.
  • Fixed an issue with pagination in the Grade view for assignments with no dropbox entry.
  • When SBG and Traditional Gradebook are turned off Haiku no longer shows Grades area to teachers. 
  • Ungraded Assignment count now reflects Special Score Notations.
  • Fixed issue with Merging Users tool not functioning correctly.
  • Gracefully handle empty string for "term" information provided by Clever.
  • ePortfolios exports now functioning again after bug introduced with enforced SSL.
  • Various bugs and fixes.
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