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Version 8.3.2: Session Expiration Warnings, Uploader Upgrade, Security Enhancements (5 October 2013)


Version 8.3.2 was released on Saturday, October 5th, 2013.


  • Haiku now displays a warning when a user's session is about to expire within a class. The warning triggers a 2 minute countdown, after which you will have to log in before you can pick up where you left off. 


  • We have upgraded uploads to use Plupload 2.0. Among other things, this upgrade now allows for uploads via the Android browser to the Dropbox. 
  • Thursday is now abbreviated as "R" in the Portal and Mini Calendar instead of "T". 
  • iPad Web browser enhancements should now apply to the in-App browser as well. 
  • Various security optimizations. 


  • Various text changes
  • Minor Roster fixes
  • Sync with Source better handles when a Roster is linked to itself in a class
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