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Version 8.3.0: SBG Calculations, Text Editor Upgrades & More! (20 September 2013)


Version 8.3.0 was released on Saturday, September 20th, 2013.


  • Domain admins can now select from ten different Standards-Based Grading Mastery Calculation Methods for your domain. 
  • Teachers can now set up an Overall Grade in the Standards-Based Gradebook.
  • CK Editor has been upgraded to version 4! 


  • Flickr photosets now work again in Haiku. 
  • When opened in a pop-up window, Flickr photosets now open using the Flickr slideshow instead of a broken iframe.
  • We now prevent teachers from linking a section in a class to another section in the same class.
  • We have made some major enhancements to how we handle linked roster section data to ensure that students are moved between sections appropriately.
  • The assessment type column under the Assess tab now displays "Exam" or "Practice" instead of just Assessment
  • You can now copy a page into a class with no pages without error. 
  • We have fixed a typo in the password reset confirmation email
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