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Version 8.2: Standards Importer, Dropbox per Student View (24 August 2013)


Version 8.2 was released on Saturday, August 24th, 2013.



  • Inline Images and File Attachments are now available in all CK Editor Instances!
  • We have optimized hover/link behavior on mobile devices to eliminate the need to double-tap.
  • We have made Assessment true/false options easier to click on mobile devices.
  • We have removed the yellow "It looks like you are using a tablet device. Learn more" warning on mobile devices.
  • Improve Thickbox behavior on mobile devices.
  • We have added more space to menus on mobile devices so they are easier to tap!
  • When using our new SBG Grading Widget, we will show the numeric keyboard when entering grades on mobile if you have a default numeric value.
  • We have improved scrolling on discussions on mobile.
  • We now allow the option to block parents from importer for Senior Systems Imports and for Veracross Imports.
  • We have added an extra warning when admins delete users from the interface (it's permanent!)
  • We have added the Reactivate account option to the Manage Account Menu on the Account Details page.
  • Our Senior Systems auto import has undergone several optimizations, including using the entity ID instead of student and faculty IDs.
  •  We have now marked IE8 and below as legacy browsers.


  • Videos in Minisites are no longer being cut off on mobile 
  • We are better handling parent_child relationships in Senior Systems Imports. 
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