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Version 8.1: Standards-Based Grading, Google Analytics, Fill Blanks! (27 July 2013)


Version 8.1 was released on Saturday, July 27th, 2013.



  • To help out our international schools, we’ve changed date patterns in activity tables from a month/day/year pattern (e.g. 7/07/14) to a Month Day, Year pattern (e.g. June 14, 2013).
  • In the Domain Control, when viewing a list of a given teachers’ classes, the listing page contains the same filters and sort options as the general class listing view
  • There is now a new discussion details view for parents.
  • Senior Systems auto imports now remove the “@” symbol from usernames instead of fail the record.
  • The Sencha web app is now sunsetted. Instead, we have native iPad and Windows 8 Apps available.


  • The drop down “My Classes” top link menu should now be consistently alphabetized.
  • The “X” icon for discarding page comments is now working properly.
  • The Applications tab in the Domain Control now has sub-tab navigation.
  • Various minor tweaks.
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