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Version 8.0: Haiku Learning for Windows 8, iPad & more! (21 June 2013, 15 July 2013)


Haiku Learning for iPad was released on 15 July, 2013.



Version 8.0 was released on 21 June, 2013.


  • Haiku is now in the Windows 8 store!
  • Office 365 SSO can now be configured on domains
  • The new Haiku Learning API is now available!
  • Standards-Based Grading (Beta) Enhancements (associating standards with activities, student & parent view, domain scale editor)


  • Add Manage Passwords menu to Assessment Block for Restricted assessments
  • When users add a "www" to their Haiku domain URL, the user is now redirected appropriately
  • Domain Control Application defaults for new domains have been adjusted to default to on (ePortfolios, Navbar, Themes, Library)
  • Long comments in the Gradebook now scroll


  • Refresh page navigation list when ePortfolio template is applied
  • When a co-teacher is added to a class, existing dropbox message for disabled users are now handled correctly
  • The javascript alert error when adding questions in Assessment with SEB enabled has now been corrected
  • Archived Announcements for roster sections no longer appear in the Portal
  • Newly created sub-organizations display appropriately under their parent organizations
  • Organization titles no longer get cut off
  • Various minor fixes 
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