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Version 7.8: LTI Tools, Email Roster Sections & More! (17 May 2013)


This version was released 17 May 2013.


  • Add Third Party Apps via LTI!
  • Email Roster Sections!
  • Print your Gradebook!


  • We’ve re-arranged the Applications tab just a bit! Because of our LTI release, we now have divided applications into sub-tabs, organized by Haiku Apps, Partner Apps, and LTI Tools.
  • Gradebook Entries are now hyperlinked to their corresponding activity in Haiku!
  • You can now use up to 4 characters in Grade Notations and Special Score Notations (previously, the limit was 3 characters).
  • Entering a score starting with a decimal is now accepted. No more typing "0.5"!
  • Display_ids now only display to teachers and admins, and not to students.


  • New Theme and Library images should now consistently render correctly.
  • Teachers without an email can now access classes they teach via the Navbar without an error.
  • HTTPS YouTube URLs should no longer return an "invalid url" error in the YouTube block.
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