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Version 7.6.1: Gradebook Enhancements (30 March 2013)


This version was released on March 30, 2013. 


  • Admins can choose to prevent or allow parent access to grades at the domain level.
  • Teachers can choose to use the best score when students are allowed to take an assessment multiple times.
  • Filters are now sticky when toggling between Extras and Classes tabs.
  • We have discontinued support for viewing documents in the Desmos annotator. This affects all documents submitted to the dropbox prior to October 26, 2012. 
  • We have discontinued development of the Haiku LMS Sencha web application for Mobile devices. The app will still be available indefinitely.  (New iOS and Windows 8 apps are on the way!)


  • Students who are disabled (and hidden) in the Roster will no longer appear in the list of One-to-One Discussions.
  • When copying assessments, fixed weights copy appropriately.
  • iCal export will now update when a student changes sections.
  • The "Make Draft" option in the Manage Assessment menu is now working. 
  • The Cancel button in the Add Content area now works on Haiku on iOS.
  • Page titles with special characters (such as ç and á) now copy appropriately. 
  • Domain Admins who are also a parent or student of a certain class can now access the class if it is inactive.
  • Various minor fixes, including roster and assessment tweaks.
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