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Version 7.5.1: LearnSprout, Daily Notification Times and Lots of Other Goodies (22 Feb 2013)


Released February 22nd, 2013


  • Domains can now select what time of day users receive their daily notifications
  • Enabled Plug & Play SIS imports via LearnSprout (Beta)


  • Genius SIS export now includes grade subtotals.
  • Added an Email field to Parent Invitation export file
  • Added a Display/Student ID field in class Grades Export
  • Alphabetized "Not yet responded" list in Poll Result area
  • Allow for 30 Poll choice options (increased from 10)
  • Increase assessment attempt limit to 10 (increased from 5)
  • Improved the Email subject field for Announcements to enhance readability
  •  Added Right to Left text as default on CK Editor in MyHaikuClass accounts (good for users using Hebrew and Arabic languages!!)
  • Added Safe Exam Browser 1.9.1 for Windows to our list of supported browsers (beta)
  • When creating a file block, we now re-focus on the subject line instead of the title to improve flow of content creation
  • Now using Amazon Glacier for long term backups!


  • Improved hiding/showing of embedded objects in Chrome and IE
  • Now we treat imported classes that are linked to roster sections as having data
  • Fixed a the "Wiggly Gradebook Problem"  where the Gradebook appeared to be scrolling for some users and they were unable to stop the scrolling (quite the quirky bug to find and squash!!!
  • Email Roster no longer includes disabled users.
  • Various ActiveRecord security patches
  • Various other minor fixes and optimizations. 
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