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Version 7.5.0: Roster Sync (25 Jan 2013)



  • Students can no longer be removed from classes if they have data. Instead, they are hidden (disabled).
  • Disabled students are hidden by default. You can always reveal them as needed.
  • Because students can no longer be permanently removed if they have data, we have eliminated the "blocked" status (it was redundant to have both the "blocked" and a "disabled" status.)
  • Roster Sections now include a link icon next to each student that is linked to the class from another roster. 
  • Imported Rosters now include a yellow icon where students have been manually overridden by the teacher so it's easier to tell how students got there.
  • The Sync with Source wizard (under the Manage Roster menu) allows teachers to sync their imported (or linked section) rosters back under import control if they have made manual adjustments.
  • There is a new administrative setting that can restrict how teachers can affect imported rosters. 


  • Hide disabled users is now the default setting in the roster.
  • Linked Roster sections now indicate Class Name + Class Code.
  • Haiku now refreshes roster links when students are manually added to source class.
  • Teachers now must agree that they understand the risks of turning an assessment with student data back into a draft.
  • If a section is deleted, any section-specific content will apply to all sections instead of only the deleted section (to protect against data loss).


  • List of files added to a Text Block now scrolls in Firefox
  • Replying to a dropbox message of a hidden (disabled) student shouldn't work
  • Dropbox new message count should not include hidden (disabled) user
  • Fix Import Students from another Roster "Search" function for myhaikuclass users
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