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Version 7.4.0: Safe Embed and iCal Export (23 Nov 2012)

  • We have released an enhancement to Embed the Web that allows us to safely accept code from 3rd Party Sites that were previously blacklisted. 
  • We now support the export of Haiku calendars in iCal format.
  • Enhanced Sorting and Filtering have been added to the domain Control Class Listing.
  • A public/private icon indicator has been added to the domain control class listing page.


  • If a user has a Google email address, always redirect them to the Google login form.
  • Items in the class calendar now use green dots by default (instead of grey).
  • Students now receive a warning when assessment question submissions time out.
  • WikiProject gradebook entries are now copied when gradebooks are copied.


  • More image orientation tags are read correctly upon upload..
  • SCORM activities are now recorded in IE9.
  • Google Calendar events should now all be displaying in Haiku.
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