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Version 7.1.3: Minor Release (21 Oct 2012)

  • Filter out open office documents from Desmos annotator (as Desmos no longer supports Open Office Documents)
  • Better handle IMS Common Cartridge 1.1 content generated by Moodle 2.3
  • Implemented capability to handle multiple LDAP server per role


  • New Discussion interface now defaults to the first post in discussion
  • Assessments now Save and autosubmit your work when you run out of time
  • Style <select> tags better match other Haiku elements
  • Remove the option for teachers to unlink rosters and keep students as manually added students
  • Eclass users cannot be deleted from the roster by teachers if they have content. Instead, they are blocked from the class. 
  • Added google_id header in Export file


  • Teachers can now Enable/Disable Comments after creating a class if the Organization has them defaulted to off
  • Class Signup in Google Marketplace Domains allows people to sign in using Google
  • Essay questions in IE no longer scroll to the bottom of the assessment when clicked on
  • Term and Class Comments are now displaying for students and parents where published
  • One-to-One Discussions don't let any Sections Post when one section is not open
  • Merging users better handles correspondingi wikiprojects
  • Users can now accept a class invitation with existing Google Apps accounts
  • Display Poll settings now display after a poll has closed.
  • Poll "Other" results are not displayed unless all results are visible
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