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Version 7.1.1: Enable "Change Password" Permissions & Various Changes and Fixes (21 Sep 2012)


Released on September 21, 2012


  • Users can now be granted specific permission to reset other users' passwords (useful for granting staff troubleshooters access to solve password problems).


  • Improved user interface of various sections of Haiku affected by the Themes upgrade including Manage Roster, Domain Control, and Statistics.
  • Improved printing of Haiku pages.
  • Teachers now have increased capabilities to add Google Docs to Assignments, Assessments and other areas where a file upload is allowed.
  • Domain Admins can no longer edit School Themes from within their classes.
  • Teachers can now now see questions in the Question Library from classes they co-teach.


  • Blackboard & Common Cartridge should mark appropriate Attachments as hidden
  • Apply & Edit button in Themes is now hidden for users without edit rights
  • Fixed a problem where when adding additional answer to saved Assessment question the Image upload fails
  • Fixed a display problem with Student Gradebook View/Preview
  • Fixed an issue where daily digest emails would occasionally fail to send.
  • Users with shadowing permissions now see class tabs.
  • Internet Explorer and Firefox now display Webfonts correctly.
  • Domain Themes now show background images correctly.
  • Subtotal will now stay Unpublished (and indicate Unpublished) when radar icon is turned off.
  • Improved error-handling for Aeries and Genius grade exports.
  • The site theme of the primary organization no longer unexpectedly displays for all sub-organizations.
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