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Version 7.1.0: Add Masquerade Permissions & Read-Only Domain Control (08 Sep 2012)


Released on September 08, 2012


  • Users can now be granted specific permission to masquerade as other users of a specific organization.
  • Read Only access of the Domain Control can now be granted to specific users.
  • Whipple Hill Federated Authentication can now be used as an authentication source for Haiku Learning.
  • Haiku Learning now supports user exports to Blackboard Instant Messenger (BB IM) via CSV.
  • PDFs in Google Apps can now be selected, linked to, or embedded in Haiku Google Doc Blocks.


  • Switched Discussions to use the new Discussion interface when accessing Show Results
  • Improved Common Cartridge Assessment Imports
  • SCORM tool is no longer in Beta!
  • Long lists of files now scroll in text blocks


  • Fixed an issue with Themes not displaying correctly in Preview
  • Fixed a problem with Gradients and the Themes tool
  • All versions of Google Doc Presentations now display correctly
  • Fixed issue with some daily notifications failing
  • When moving blocks text block URLs now update correctly
  • Fixed an issue with some Themes backgrounds and logos not showing up correctly in the Themes tool
  • Fixed an issue with Theme headers where the top of the image was not displaying
  • Google Doc Blocks now load in the Mobile for Students version
  • Mobile for Students app now shows class tabs when there are no classes.
  • When parent child relationship is removed (manually or imported), parent class listing now updates correctly.
  • Various Minor Fixes
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