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Version 7.0.0: Themes! (18 Aug 2012)


Released on August 18, 2012



Themes tool!  This eagerly awaited enhancement will:

  • Make it possible for you and your teachers to design infinite new looks for Haiku without knowing HTML or CSS
  • Provide the ability to control the look of your Portal page
  • See the same look as your students, even when in edit mode


  • Added School Year to the Save As feature
  • Announcement notifications are now sent to co-teachers
  • Assessment Kudos now have an increased character limit.
  • Now possible to search on Google Apps ID on Domain Control Accounts tab
  • IE7 is now marked as a legacy browser.
  • Always show new, unread Inbox messages first.
  • Added HTML5 Video and Audio tag support to Embed the Web.
  • Discussions now default to the new Discussion interface.


  • Fixed an issue with File Uploads in IE9 to present upload status correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with Image Uploads in assessment when adding additional answers.
  • Adjusted a IE styling issue with the Manage Account menu in IE
  • Assessments moved to Draft mode no longer list on Calendar
  • Various Minor Fixes
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