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Version 6.4.1: Google OpenID and Chrome Store Release (01 Jun 2012)


Released on June 1, 2012


  • Teacher Edition users can now log on using their Google ID!
  • Haiku LMS now shows up in the Chrome Store!


  • New classes and storage levels released!
    • Free - 5 Classes and 2Gb (used to be 1 Class - 100Mb)
      $4.95 - 7 Classes and 5Gb (used to be 3 Classes - 1Gb)
      $8.95 - 10 Classes and 10Gb (used to be 7 Classes - 2Gb)
      $15 - 15 Classes and 15Gb (used to be 12 Classes - 4Gb)
      $30 - 30 Classes and 30Gb (used to be 24 Classes - 8Gb)
      $50 - 50 Classes and 50Gb (used to be 48 Classes - 16Gb)
  • Aviary Integration temporarily hidden (Aviary retired old version of API and broke the Haiku integration).  Haiku Learning plans to integrate with the new tool in the future.


  • Added Google Doc Edit button to Preview for Students
  • Various Minor Fixes
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