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Version 5.9.3: Improved iOS5 Compatibility and Enhanced Security (18 Nov 2011)


Released November 18th, 2011

New Enhancements:

  • Upgrade Rich Text Editor (CKeditor to 3.6.2+): New version adds iOS5 support to the Haiku LMS Rich Text Editor. 


  • Improved security against Brute Force attacks on logins
  • Update Login via Import for Google Apps Users


  • Shadowing Permissions are now working for the Classes tab in the Navbar
  • Teacher preview view of a student in a roster section no longer displays multiple assignments for each assignment
  • Brute-force recaptcha works  for Google Apps-enabled login form
  •  Fix login to support SSO via a Signed Link  
  • Updated YouTube content block to handle changes in the code
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