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Version 5.9.0: Moodle Imports and various fixes and improvements (02 Sep 2011)


Released September 2nd, 2011


  • Teachers can now bring pages, text, and images from Moodle classes into a Haiku class. This saves the time of recreating the structure and much of the substance from scratch. To read more on what can be imported please read this article.


  • Equation editor updated to include several Desmos fixes and enhancements.
  • Changed Imports and Exports Log window so that full change logs are displayed along with other UI improvements.
  • Domain Administrators can now sort class names in the Domain Control.
  • ENI Assessment exports now allow ABCD GHJK question lettering.
  • Various optimizations to discussions and cloud files increasing the speed of Haiku by up to 20%.
  • Skyward imports now creates the class code automatically during import.
  • Senior Systems importer now displays class sections to assist in Roster Section class selection.
  • Improved Class Management menu behavior when users with the imported Student Role access the menu as teachers in the class.
  • Improved UI behavior of selecting students via search when adding to roster sections (made the section drop down sticky).
  • Made it impossible to delete the last Assessment section


  • Discussion inline images are now visible to public users.
  • Popup window sizing in Internet Explorer now allows resizing or scrolling.
  • Percentage points now refresh correctly when point total is changed for grade book entries,
  • Fixed SCORM window so it is now sized correctly for parents in Safari.
  • Copying a shared class now copies Gradebook entries.
  • Preview no longer forces the teacher to exit when clicking on pages within Preview.
  • Rediker imports now work with SFTP push & pull
  • New users now can use a Google ID in use by a deactivated User
  • Fixed an error when creating new Assessment in ENI-enabled Eclass/Organization
  • Patched an issue where a student could be blocked from taking additional assessment attempts after a teacher deletes their attempts.
  • Hardened Embed-the-Web to keep particular embeds from breaking the page.
  • Fixed an issue where parents could be added to the wrong roster section after a student had been moved away from their original section.
  • Various minor fixes and optimizations
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