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Version 5.8.0: Course Catalog, Safe Exam Browser and Senior Systems Plug & Play (28 May 2011)


 Released May 28th, 2011



  • Safe Exam Browser: Teachers can now require students to take assessments in Safe Exam Browser (SEB). SEB is a lockdown browser that helps prevent copying and pasting answers to and from the test among other security features. Your school’s Haiku administrator enables the option to use Safe Exam Browser, and educators say when it’s required.
  • Course Catalog: If you’ve put together a stellar professional development program and are ready to enroll participants, Haiku provides an easy way to package your classes and process online payments. The Course Catalog is basically an online shopping cart, your classes the products. Schools set up the courses, and participants sign up, pay, and get started in a few simple steps!
  • Senior Systems Plug & Play: You have another option when it comes to Plug & Play Student Information System (SIS) integrations: My Backpack™ Web Portal. Haiku will automatically sync with your SIS - no .csv required! All you need to get rolling is your username and password, and an open port in your firewall. Many thanks to The Madeira School and St. Mary’s Episcopal School for helping make this enhancement possible.



  • Allow users to upload inline images to Discussions Posts.
  • Allow student to be added as co-teacher.
  • Safari < 4.0, Firefox <3.5 and Chrome < 1.0 are now treated as legacy browsers.
  • The temporary password email is now optional when an Org Admin creates a new Account.
  • Domains can now decide whether imported passwords are temporary or not.
  • First Name and Last Name are now individual fields in in Domain Admin Reports
  • Common Cartridge: Imported Videos and Mini-Sites now open in a new window.
  • Common Cartridge imports are now improved so that parsing happens in the background.
  • Rosters "Add Student" are now sorted by last name.
  • Roster Imports now include Username.
  • Domain Admins can now edit users in a class roster without masquerading.
  • Haiku Export now includes user_levels.csv.


  • Please search to see more" text to bottom of Navbar is now consistent.
  • Fixed an error grading an Individual WikiProject when a student is no longer in the class.
  • Equation Editor now loads in Internet Explorer 8 & 9.
  • Publishing an Assessment from a Page now works.
  • When unpublishing an Assessment Haiku LMS now keeps all Grades
  • Various minor fixes.
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