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Version 5.6.0: SCORM Player and Google Apps Enhancements (25 Feb 2011)


Released Feb 25th, 2011


  • SCORM Player:  Now you can include SCORM activities in Haiku LMS. You create the content and export it as a SCORM (1.2 or 2004) module, and when you import it into your Haiku class we display it in a fully integrated SCORM player backed by the solid SCORM Cloud application offered by Rustici software. 
  • Google Apps Integration for existing Haiku LMS Schools and Domains:   For existing Haiku LMS schools and districts who already use Google Apps, now you can enable single sign on for your teachers so that when they log in to their Apps account they’re automatically logged in to Haiku LMS. You can read more about how to transition here.
  • "Non-Google Apps" accounts for Google Apps Marketplace customers:  For our customers who use Haiku LMS through the Google Apps Marketplace you can add non-Google accounts to Haiku LMS (for example, for parents who do not have accounts in your schools' Google Apps domain).


  • Video in Mac Safari no longer appears on top of edit windows.
  • Equations work again in Assessment answers.
  • Administrators can now use the link and image fields on CKeditor again.
  • Fixed an IE bug where term and period fields did not look editable when creating a new Schedule.
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