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Version 5.5.2 Storage Increases for Individual Teacher Accounts & Fixes (18 Feb 2011)


Released Feb 18th, 2011


  • Increased Storage for Individual Teacher accounts!  (Free: 100 Mb, $4.95: 1 Gb, $8.95: 2 Gb ...)
  • Haiku now strips leading and trailing spaces from Username on Log in to avoid a common issue with failed log ins.
  • Printed class invitations now use the school's domain logo instead of the Haiku logo.
  • When adding a user manually from Domain Control, the default Time Zone for the user is now the Domain default Time Zone.
  • Improved behavior of Question Library when a teacher is viewing the Question Import.


  • Fixed an issue applying templates with term schedules and gradebooks with a final period.
  • Fixed an error when a user attempts to copy a page to a class and the selected parent page no longer exists.
  • Haiku now can gracefully handle cases where a teacher deletes or unpublishes an Assessment when a student is mid-attempt. 
  • Haiku now prevents deleting questions and answers after an assessment is published to avoid issues when students are taking the assessment and questions and answers disappear mid-attempt.
  • Discussion Show Results now reports the count of submitted posts correctly (does not include draft posts).
  • Fixed an error with Firefox where video blocks capture keyboard input when editing a text block in a window above them, thus making it impossible to make changes to the text block.
  • Various Minor Fixes & Optimizations.
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