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Version 5.1.4: API Enhancements and Fixes (01 Oct 2010)


Released the 1st of October 2010

New Enhancements

  • Modified Haiku API to include a service in Haiku API for users to retrieve complete list of teachers with active classes..
  • Added Roster report to the Domain Control so that Domain Administrators can create CSV files from Haiku Roster data.


  • Files downloaded from S3 are now be named "nicely" so they are more human readable


  • Hitting tab in text block now takes you to the description area for Webkit browsers.
  • Fixed an issue with YouTube Videos are showing Related Videos.
  • Fixed an issue where Class Schedules could not be edited.
  • Fixed an issue where Paste as Plain Text wasn't working in Webkit Browsers
  • Various Minor Fixes & Optimizations.
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