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Version 5.2.0 Upgraded Text Editor and Performance Improvements (22 Oct 2010)


Released the 22nd of October 2010



  • Enhanced Text Editor now provides better support for copy and paste and performance in Internet Explorer
  • Domain Administrators can now download the results of a import as a file
  • Optimized the Haiku Application for use across multiple application servers
  • Optimized the Haiku Application for use with Amazon S3 Cloud (improved performance by more than 10%)
  • Teachers can now view "Other" entires in anonymous polls


  • Class "Private" setting now displays its status correctly
  • Fixed a problem when admins attempted to view grade reports
  • Fixed an issue regarding Domain Licenses and Storage Overages displaying correctly
  • Domain Administrators can now download attachments
  • Fixed an issue the arose when teachers attempted to copy blocks to the ePortfolio
  • Embedded YouTube Player is now centered with Text
  • Aviary created thumbnails now refresh after changes
  • Comments can now be created without error in all supported version of Internet Explorer
  • WikiProject progress bar now displays the percentages correctly
  • Students that have been removed from a class can no longer be added to Groups.
  • Questions are now showing up after import into the Question Library
  • Grades now calculate correctly with Special Notations
  • Essay Answers are now marked as answered in IE
  • Various Minor Fixes & Optimizations.
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