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Version 5.0.1: Optimizations and Fixes (13 Aug 2010)


Released on Aug 13th


  • Faster Domain Imports: Improved the speed of Domain Imports by nearly 10x.
  • Faster Question Indexing: Now questions are available for searches even more quickly.
  • Domain Admins can now deny students the ability to upload avatars.
  • Now allow teachers to move all pages out of a class.
  • Copy now supports copying of subpages too.
  • Embeds imported via Common Cartridge are now handled and displayed.


  • Now domain admins can nest sub-organizations and entering a domain ID at the same time when creating new sub organizations.
  • Question imports now allow for matching questions with no description.
  • Fixed an error generated when users would copy a class with a gradebook.
  • Fixed an error generated when Assessments were published.
  • Previewing unpublished pages no longer give a Page Not Found error
  • MS Office files now display the right extension.
  • Various minor fixes.
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