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Version 5.0.0: WikiProjects and Comments (30 Jul 2010)


Released on July 30th 


WikiProjects: Class, group, and individual WikiProjects enable students to create and publish content much like teachers do with Pages.

Comments: Students and teachers can add comments to Pages and WikiProjects. Parents and people shadowing a student or a class can read comments, but not add their own.

  • Pages: teacher and students can comment, parents and shadowers can read.
  • WikiProjects: Teachers and students can comment, parents and shadowers can read. Possibly peer-to-peer commenting and notifications when new comments are posted.

Skyward Imports: Haiku now offers an import specification much friendlier to Skyward SIS imports.


  • New Date Selector: Faster. Works better in Chrome and Safari.
  • Names in the teacher grade export are now organizaed into three separate fields
  • Domain Admins should be able to turn off Nickname control by students
  • Teachers can now specify the edit window for Discussion posts


  • Fixed some page scrolling issues specific to IE 7 & 8
  • Fixed issues with links to pages internal to Haiku LMS when copying and moving pages.
  • Fixed pagination for classes on the domain control.
  • Fixed an issue with admins getting an "Invalid Org ID error" when trying to add new users via domain admin.
  • Various minor fixes.
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