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Version 4.4.0 and 4.4.1: Equation Editor and SMS Notifications (18 Jun 10, 25 Jun 10)


Released on June 18th and June 25th


Equation Editor
Because of a new integration with the Tutor Trove equation editor, users can include mathematical symbols for square root, infinity, null, and many more in an Assessment, Assignment, Content Block. Watch the video tutorial.

SMS Text Message Notifications
Users can now sign up to receive Haiku notifications as SMS text messages on their mobile phones in addition to standard email notifications. Watch the video tutorial.

Instant Email Notifications
Users can change email notification settings to get messages immediately for each announcement, assignment, and more.


  • Special characters on the rich text editor now include mathematic characters like infinity and Pi.  Thanks to Maria Eagen of Foxcroft School for this suggestion. 


  • Buttons on the Start Assessment screen now stack correctly.
  • Multiple Choice Answers with images now list without overlap.
  • Captions now are editable in Chrome.
  • Various minor fixes.
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