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Version 4.3.7: Rich Text Editor and Inline Image Fixes (30 May 10, 2 June 10)


Released the 30th of May & the 2nd of June 2009


  • When importing Assessment Questions, either into your Haiku Question Library or via a Common Cartridge import, inline images now display inline instead of using the "See attachment xxxx" format.


  • Internet Explorer now correctly adjusts the height of inline images when you adjust an image's the width.
  • Fixed occasional Internet Explorer 8 browser crash and an Internet Explorer 7 error when adding captioned images.
  • The CKEditor inline image and link dialogs now change size if you happen to be using a small browser window.
  • Corrected an issue that could result in "broken" inline images when renaming a class or using imported Assessment Questions.
  • Various Minor Fixes.
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