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Version 4.3.5: Inline Images & Parent Portal Registration (02 Apr 10)


Released the 3rd of April 2010


  • On Page Text blocks gain inline images: The Image Block is great for creating slideshows, but sometimes it's really useful to have a picture in the middle of a paragraph of information. Now you can!
  • Improved in-class linking: Wherever you have access to our rich-text editor, you can now click the Link button to easily link to any Page in your class. Great for teachers who want to point students to a related page or students who want to reference a page in a Dropbox submission or Discussion post.
  • [d] Parent Portal Registration: In the past, parents who didn't have accounts imported by their schools had to be invited to one of their children's classes by a teacher. Now, school admins can print out global parent invitation codes (each student has a unique code), making it easier to get parents involved.


  • Teachers can now hide the "download" links for Audio and Video blocks that contain content they'd rather not have visitors download.
  • When printing a One-to-one Discussion, each students' posts will be on a separate page.


  • Fixed a bug when using Aviary to edit an Image Block image who's caption has line breaks (aka a return) in it.
  • When replying to an Inbox message, the reply text is now visually styled correctly, to appear quoted.
  • Various Minor Fixes.
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