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Version 4.3.4: Upgraded Text Editor & Expanded Access (13 March 10)


Released the 13th of March 2010


  • Aviary Integration for Students: Students can edit images within their Haiku e-Portfolio. Now, both teachers and students can use Aviary to edit, modify, enhance, and share digital images.


  • Rich Text Editor Update: We upgraded to the latest version of CKEditor, the tool that lets Haiku LMS users easily stylie the text they type in their classes (with underlines, links, lists, tables, etc.). The new version is quicker to load & even fits better into Haiku, visually.
  • Text Formatting Everywhere: Ok, not quite everywhere, but we now allow text formatting (using CKEditor) in many new places including all Content Blocks (Video blocks, Link blocks, etc.), Assessments, Assignment, Announcements, and Events.
  • More Text Formatting Options: We now allow users access to more formatting options. Previously, to conserve screen real-estate, we limited the number of formatting buttons visible for Discussion Posts & several other tools. Now, you can simply click the "More" button to reveal more formatting options.
  • Un-blocked Browsers: Previously, our policy was to block all web browsers that we hadn't fully tested on Haiku LMS. This meant that people using mobile browsers (like those on the iPhone or Android devices) or the Opera browser couldn't access Haiku. Now, if you visit Haiku form an un-tested browser you will see a warning, but you're welcome to use Haiku to the extent that your browser is capable.


  • Fixed a bug where students could see an incorrect "unread posts" count for discussions.
  • Improved handling of dropbox messages when changing a class's primary teacher.
  • [d] Fixed an error when domain admistrators tried copying a Block or Page.
  • [d] Fixed a bug that caused files uploaded to an ePortfolio Template to not download correctly.
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