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Version 4.3.0: Cloud Files & Partial Imports (16 Jan 10)


Released the 16th of January 2010


  • Cloud Files: Don’t worry about whether Haiku LMS can handle your data - it’s hosted securely in the cloud so that we can scale to meet storage and traffic demands. Initially, only we’re moving only a few schools to the cloud; others will soon follow, and we’ll be in touch so you’ll know when it’s your turn.
  • New Developers: We are pleased to include the work, for the first time, from Alex Dugger (Rosters) and Dave Frey (Cloud Files).  Welcome brave (and brilliant ones)!!!


  • Roster Navigation Improvements: Access student information where you’d expect to find it: in the Roster. That now includes their ePortfolios, too.
  • [d] Partial Imports: Domain administrators have more options for user management when attaching to a student information system. No longer are you limited to differentiated imports.
  • [d] Administrators & the Dropbox: Domain administrators can now safely browse the dropbox of any class in their domain.


    • Fixed issue In a class with roster sections, if an assessment is NOT set to "Publish Assessment to all sections" and it is Closed, using the Re-open tool to change the start and end dates has no effect on them and the following message is always returned. "Assessment '-----' is still closed."
    • Teachers can again "Preview" an Assessment, even when it's still a draft.
    • Various other minor fixes
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