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Version 4.2.2: Download All Dropbox Attachments and Various Fixes (18 Dec 09)


Released the 18th of December 2009


  • Download Multiple Attachments in Dropbox: Teachers can now grab all the attachments that students have uploaded for any given assignment in one downloadable file.

    There’s a video tutorial available, too. Watch it now >>


  • Domain exports now support class descriptions with line breaks.
  • Domain admins can now see Open Invitation codes in Class Rosters


  • Fixed issue with Reports: Export gradebook scores by assignment now lists correctly.
  • Reports: Export Gradebook now lists unpublished scores.
  • Dropbox Preview no longer generates errors when displaying a class with no confirmed students.
  • Fixed issue with a gradebook caching error and roster sections.
  • Copy block now behaves consistently when copying assignment and image blocks to other classes.
  • Users can now shadow teachers with no active classes.
  • Question Library now returns results when filtering by Question Type.
  • Dropbox now filters by Roster Section consistantly no matter what your assignment settings.
  • Calendar Events will now refresh correctly after deletion from a series.
  • Various other minor fixes
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