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Version 4.2.1: Dropbox Grading and Inbox Auto-Forward (14 Dec 09)


Released the 14th of December 2009


  • Grade from within the Dropbox: No reason to hop back and forth between assignments in the dropbox and assignments in the gradebook. Now teachers can enter grades (and comments & notes) directly in the dropbox, and Haiku LMS records the data in their gradebook.
  • Forward Inbox messages directly to your email address: Get an email every time you get a new message in your Haiku LMS inbox. You no longer have to log in to Haiku to check messages!


  • The window of time for editing Dropbox posts has been increased from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.
  • Parents and Students can now share the same email address when signing up for Haiku LMS accounts.
  • [d] Domain Admins can once again view and edit classes without masquerading (reverting modifications made as a part of version 4.2.0).


  • New accounts can be created again via partner sites.
  • Teachers can view and edit their templates (fixes an issue that emerged in version 4.2.0).
  • Various minor fixes.
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