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Version 4.1.3: Aeries Integration and Discussion "Stickiness" (07 Nov 09)



Released the 7th and 9th of November 2009


  • [d] Aeries Gradebook Auto-Exports: For members of Haiku LMS utilizing the Aeries SIS system, it is now possible to pull gradebook information back to the Aeries gradebook nightly (and automatically) via SFTP.


  • Discussion Viewing "Stickiness": Haiku LMS will remember what page you were on when switching between or opening & closing Discussions.


  • Improved handling when a user pastes a URL as a Noteflight attachment that doesn't point to a Noteflight music score.
  • Fixed importing some types Blackboard questions when no "question feedback" is given.
  • Temporarily disabled spell-check for Internet Explorer 6 users because of a bug in FCKeditor.
  • Fixed a bug (introduced 3rd Nov '09) preventing Noteflight scores from being viewed in Haiku LMS.
  • Various Minor Fixes.


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