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Version 1.1.0: You Tube, Google Video and Odeo Blocks (01 Mar 07)


Released the 1st of March 2007


  • YouTube, Google Video and Odeo Blocks allow external multimedia to be added easily!
  • Parents don't have to be included in the Roster or on invitations
  • Added a Profile page for each teacher listing all their active classes
  • Ability to store student IDs in the Roster
  • Custom invitation codes for open invitations
  • Nicknames for all accounts
  • Ability to send email Invitations to people not in your roster (Class Management > Send Invitations)
  • Ability to use Schools-specific skins
  • Added a new favicon


  • Streamlined Teacher account signup
  • Teachers can more easily switch Schools or Organizations
  • Teachers can search for School Districts as well as Schools
  • Announcements can be set to never expire
  • Improved Roster look for increased ease of use
  • Event and assignment details are now display in the Upcoming Activities Block
  • Improved security of login process
  • Link Blocks now show a "preview" of every link entered instead of just the first new
  • Improved printing


    • All text styling in On Page Text Blocks now displays correctly
    • More images can be uploaded at once to an Image Block without warnings about reaching your quota
    • Quick Add now recognizes "Field Trip on July 1st"
    • Copying Video and Audio Blocks with the Ricksha now works correctly
    • Preview and skin selection in Templates
    • Fixed bug with Mini Calendar Block
    • Fixed bug with display of "Add Page" dialog


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