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Version 1.1.2: Various Fixes (07 Mar 07)


Released the 7th of March 2007


  • When there are parents in the roster and then "Allow parents in roster" is disabled the Parents tab will remain visible until all parents are removed
  • The Ricksha is scrolled to when it is opened


  • Video tutorials display correctly again
  • Fixed bug with Internet Explorer where drop-down menus covered certain warnings and dialogs
  • Better handling if a user "changes" their email address but enters their confirmed email
  • Clicking an Image Slideshow before the page finishes loading no longer tries to download the image
  • Fixed bug with random organization information being displayed during signup
  • Adding a Block in EZ Arrange mode now behaves correctly
  • Play button correctly in YouTube and Google Video Blocks now displays correctly in Safari and in Preview mode in IE


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