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Version 2.0.0: Discussions, Inbox, What's New and Dropbox (21 Jun 07)


Released the 21st of June 2007


  • Added three new skins: Books (Red) and Books (Blue) by Sondra Eisenstat and Olive by Dan Eisenstat
  • Added Connect tab tools, including DiscussionsInbox and Dropbox
  • Added Notification and Avatars to User Settings
  • Added Attachment and Overflow Management
  • Added What's New button to monitor changes to a class
  • Ability to remove and add class features (such as Calendar, Announcements, Inbox, etc.)


  • Upgraded file & image downloads for better performance
  • Renamed Ricksha to Clipboard
  • All dates and times are now displayed in your local time-zone
  • Overhauled help to better organize new features and support old features
  • Improved sign-up process with better documentation and labeling
  • Improved Calendar Quick Add features


  • Quick add interpreting bugs
  • Calendar display bug
  • Fixed display problems on narrow columns



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