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Version 2.3.0: Attachments, Discussions and Exports (07 Feb 08)


Released the 7th of February 2008


Version 2.3 focused on enhancements in three major areas:

  • Attachments
    • Upload Attachments to Assignments, Discussions, Discussion Posts, Inbox Messages, Dropbox Messages, & Assignment Questions
    • Thumbnails - automatically created when you upload images as Attachments
    • Re-name any attachment you upload
  • Discussions
    • Sort by Reply (Threaded Discussions) - One of our most often requested features is now a reality. Replies are displayed in a threaded list making it much easier to follow the flow of your discussions
    • The Discussion Index (on the left when you're reading a discussion) makes browsing your discussions even quicker
    • Teachers can mark posts as unread
  • Gradebook Reports
    • Export - Quickly export all of your students' grades
    • One Assignment for All Students - The first of many reports you can Print and Export

Also new:

  • Gradebook comments for Terms, Grading Periods & the Final Grade
  • My Account > Manage Attachments now lists classes you co-teach


  • A Time-zone error preventing student from taking an open Assessment
  • Error when using Quick Add to add Events & Assignments to the current day
  • Fill in the blank questions now accept question marks and other special characters
  • Students can now see file upload progress
  • The look of Announcement popoup for students in certain cases
  • Switching tabs in IE 6 on the Announcements in Assessments pages
  • Class Management > Save As for co-teachers
  • Various Minor Bugs



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