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Version 2.4.0: Groups and Assessment Enhancements (27 Feb 08)


Released the 22th of February 2008


  • Re-usable Group Sets in the Roster. When creating a group Discussion, you can now re-use Sets of Groups that you've created in the past
  • When answering a Matching question in the Assessment tool, students are given the option of using drop-down menus instead of dragging to match the answers


  • You can now drag Content Blocks to the Clipboard button without opening the Clipboard
  • View the results of Discussions (star ratings & gradebook scores) directly from the Pages tab without viewing the discussion first
  • Teachers can now delete any Attachment in their classes, even those Attached to students' draft Dropbox messages
  • Improved page-load speeds by way of JavaScript compression


  • A bug that would "freeze" IE when editing Assessments
  • Inability to enter Special Scores when viewing the results of a Discussion
  • A bug preventing students from re-organizing their My Classes page
  • Various Minor Bugs


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