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Version 2.5.0: Attendance Books and Class Schedules (04 Apr 08)


Released the 4th of April 2008


  • Attendance Books
    • Quick entry with keyboard shortcuts & auto-fill
    • Add your own notations with custom color coding for easy readability
    • Student attendance reports in both list & calendar formats
  • Class-wide schedules
    • The Gradebook & Attendance tools use the same class-wide schedule
    • Use the same schedule across multiple classes or even a whole school district
    • The class schedule automatically appears in your haiku calendar
  • Support for Safari 3.1 and an array of other browsers


  • Updated text editor - no more popup windows when you add links or check your spelling
  • Improved class Template selector (visible when you have Template classes & create a new class)
  • Added class-wide schedule creation/selection to the New Class wizard
  • Check if "only people I put in the class roster can view this class" when making a class Active (instead of when creating a class)
  • The "New Page" button on the Pages tab uses an icon instead of text


    • Error when copying (using the haiku clipboard) Calendar blocks to a class where the Calendar feature is disabled
    • Lack of sufficient warning when deleting Pages with sub-pages
    • Error when adding Flickr block where the Flickr Photoset has only one photo
    • Display glitch when editing Assessment titles in IE 6
    • Various Minor Bugs


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