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Version 2.6.2: Printable Class Calendars and Various Fixes (02 May 08)


Released the 2nd of May 2008


  • Ability to easily print class calendars
  • When reviewing Assessment Attempts, teachers can now:
    • Close "In Progress" Attempts
    • Delete completed student Attempts
    • Allow further Attempts for students who have "Forfeited" their remaining Attempts


  • When editing various items (including File Blocks, Assignments, & more) the "description" field now grows if you type a long description.
  • Draft posts in Group or One-to-One Discussions are only visible in the Group of students where you first started writing the post
  • Parents no longer see information about new Discussion posts in What's New (since they cannot read Discussions)
  • Added an extra warning when deleting an Assignment with Dropbox messages


    • Descriptions of Content Blocks now display line breaks correctly
    • Bug in the new Page dialog preview, sometimes displaying Page names incorrectly
    • Firefox & Safari bug causing occasional incorrect positioning of menus in FCKeditor
    • Various Minor Bugs
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