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Version 3.3.2: School-wide Statistics & Other Enhancements (14 Nov 08)


Released the 14th of November 2008


  • School/Organizaion-wide statistics for corporate customers
  • Extra credit entries in the Gradebook
  • Sorting and Searching within Gradebooks
  • Searching within Attendance Books
  • Ability to disable students in your Roster
  • Ability to reset the passwords of students in your Roster. Student passwords can only be reset under the following conditions:
    1. All of the student's classes are taught by the same teacher
    2. The student isn't a teacher or parent in any haiku classes


  • Added dropdown menus to quickly jump between the sections of a haiku class
  • Removed the "posted at" date for Assignments
  • Allow decimals for Gradebook special scores (e.g. A- = 92.5%)


  • Bug when viewing details about an Embed the Web Widget with the Statistics tool
  • Interaction between Assessments & the Gradebook when adding or deleting Assessments with collected results
  • Various Minor Bugs


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