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Version 3.3.3: Auto-Save & Edit Window for Discussion Posts (09 Dec 08)


Released the 9th of December 2008


  • Teachers can export the list of students in their Rosters
  • Teachers can email all students in their Rosters
  • Users have a 15 minute window to edit any of their new discussion post
  • Discussion posts are auto-saved while you write them so you won't lose posts if your computer crashes


  • Students can now see how many submissions they have made from the Assignment block
  • Added a "Publish" Attendance Book option to the Edit menu
  • Attendance & Gradebook tools display all student names as First (Nickname) Last
  • Roster updates:
    • When viewing the Roster, most basic actions are now in the Manage Roster menu
    • Co-teacher invitation codes are visible in the Roster


  • Bug preventing the Roster from importing csv files created in Excel
  • Inability to hide the title of a Discussion block
  • Bug causing repeating events scheduled near midnight to show up on the wrong day
  • haiku froze when replying to an Inbox message sent by someone no longer in the roster
  • Image attachments with very long names now display more prettily
  • Various Minor Bugs


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